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Tanzania Safaris

What is the best season for a trip to Tanzania?

What is the best season for a trip to Tanzania?

Tanzania Safaris

Are you planning a trip to Tanzania and/or Zanzibar and wondering when is the best time to see the most animals, or to go swimming? Let us enlighten you on this point.

The different seasons in Tanzania are:

  • The dry season: The months of December to February, as well as June to October, are part of the dry season. These are very good months to go on safari in Tanzania. Note that from December to February, temperatures are very hot in Tanzania, especially on the coast and in Zanzibar. But when on safari, even in this period, a jumper in the evening is welcome! During the months of June to October, the temperatures are more pleasant, it is not too hot.
  • The short rainy season: From November until early December, it is a short rainy season. Indeed, at this time, summer arrives in Tanzania and the temperatures start to rise. It usually rains at the end of the day, and these are light rains. The advantage of this period is that it is less touristy and accommodation often offers reduced rates.
  • The big rainy season: It usually runs from March to May, and lasts for about two months. It rains a lot, but it also has its advantages: fewer people in the parks and reduced prices in accommodation. Some places are not accessible, but we will propose to you some itineraries that can be done during this period, accompanied by our guides who know the best paths.


Which season for which activity?

  • Safari: A safari in Tanzania can be done all year round. The animals and landscapes will be different depending on the season you choose.
  • Zanzibar or other islands: For a beach holiday, we recommend you come during the winter in Tanzania, that is from June to October. Indeed, if you come during the summer, from December to March, the temperatures are very high, over 30 degrees, and it is very humid. For diving and snorkeling, it is the same principle. The rainy season should be avoided, as thunderstorms are frequent on the islands.
  • Kilimanjaro: The ascent of Kilimanjaro can be done all year round. Depending on the season you choose, we will advise you on which route to choose. Of course, climbing during the rainy season is more adventurous than during the dry season, but if you are up for the challenge, our team will be there to accompany you. January and February are particularly good months to climb, as it is not too cold on the summit.

In summary, each season has its own advantages for a trip to Tanzania. We will be able to advise you in order to help you make the right choice, according to your desires and your goal for this trip.
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